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Young India loves western music these days

July 19, 2013

We are being raised with rich Indian culture and traditional values but we have also been listening Bollywood music from our childhood. We have our own different types of regional music and we all love them very much according to our musical taste but nobody can deny the fact that Boollywood has and will have a major impact in our daily life, our way of thinking, romance, heroism, fight for justice etc. We love to watch Boollywood movies especially Bollywood music and dance. Even southern India cannot save themselves from the impact of Bollywood despite the fact that some Bollywood even other regional filmmakers get inspired (read copy) by south Indian films and produce their own version of creative movies. Some filmmakers love to remake old Bollywood movies and release them again like selling old wine in a new bottle. Even in the present music industry of India, you can clearly see that old Bollywood songs are being released again as remix version. Why do they do that? Is it because of new writers, music directors, lyricists and filmmakers are not capable enough to create wonderful cinemas and musics that can mesmerize us just like old days. Should we think that those golden days of Kishore, Lata, Rafi, Asha, R.D. Burman are gone along with good Hindi songs. It is true that they are all legends and cannot be replaced by anybody else even in next 100 years. But Indian music industry especially Bollywood never faced shortage of new talented music directors and singers. They are still creating some very good songs till today but I think somehow that is not quite enough for Indian music industry. Remix versions of old hit songs are equally getting popular in India and more and more remix songs are being released by Indian music industry. Why? I think the reason is business. Indian record companies always look for profit and they always follow the latest musical trend. They know that new generations of India love fast and furious type of music and record companies know that if you want to make profit, give them what they want. They are doing the right thing considering the fact that remix songs will do good business in present Indian music market.

I think somehow we the young generations of India feel that we should look beyond Indian music industry especially Bollywood in terms of finding good music. We love old Bollywood songs, disco, pop, romantic songs even new remix songs but we want more. Somehow we are not completely satisfied with current Bollywood songs. Today, hit songs are still being created by Bollywood yet our musical appetite remains unsatisfied and we are gradually leaning towards western music more and more. Earlier a small group of Indian music lovers used to have knowledge of western music but a vast percentage of young people are listening more and more western music these days. May be Cable TV, FM Radio, Mobile Phones and Internet have opened a broad window and gave us an opportunity to explore the whole world to find out more and more good music which will certainly satisfy our musical appetite.

I don’t want to get into details or find more reasons for this trend because neither I am a music critic nor do I have all musical knowledge (practically none) to judge Indian music. I have simply expressed my personal opinion.

My latest personal favourite top 10 western music videos are as follows.

1. On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez + Pitbull

2. Give Me Everything – Ne-Yo + Nayer + Afrojack + Pitbull

3. Rain Over Me – Marc Anthony + Pitbull

4. Gangnam Style – Psy

5. In My City – Priyanka Chopra

6. Enrique Iglesias - Heartbeat ft. Nicole Scherzinger

7. Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams

8. Gentleman – Psy

9. International Love – Chris Brown + Pitbull

10. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

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Tanmoy Sarkar said...

Psy is a South Korean singer. Both "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman" were sung in Korean language. I dont know much about their culture. So, you can consider both these songs as western music better non Indian music. Priyanka Chopra is Indian but "In My City" is western musical video.